Spirituality and Meditation
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Spirituality and Meditation

Spirituality and Meditation

I have been told that Spirituality cannot be explained it can only be experienced. In that sense, spirituality is quite different from religion since spirituality itself is a …

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Guided Meditation for Mothers

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Mommy, Do You Need a Time Out?

Guided Meditation for Mothers

Guided Meditation for Mothers

As women, we do it all. We take care of our children, our spouses, our pets, our homes, our jobs. But wait… Do we take care of ourselves too? Sadly, enough the majority of us answer “No” to this question. Why is that?

We’ve been socialized to be the nurturer, care-giver, problem solver, and of course the perfect wife and lover too. How in the world are we supposed to do all these things when we don’t take time to recharge our batteries? I’d like to know too.

For me, meditation is the best way to sit, have a time out, and recharge the batteries.

Meditating is an extremely easy exercise that you can do just about anywhere and at anytime (assuming its quiet of course). To meditate, you simply sit down on a chair or on the floor- whichever is most comfortable to you. You sit with your legs crossed on top of one another and put your hands on your thighs. You then simply breathe in and out and allow your thoughts to flow, without becoming fixated on them. Do this for 10 minutes each day. 10 minutes is all it takes to feel results. You’ll feel a sense of overall relaxation that will accompany you throughout the day. This is not to say that you will be in la-la land all day though. The sense of calmness will just be with you while you go along your daily routine. With time, you’ll also realize how you now notice things you never did before; how green and vibrant the grass is, the colors of flowers, all the things we usually take for granted. Overall, you will notice that you’ll have a general sense of happiness. Not the type that comes and goes in a flash like when you receive a gift or a nice surprise- a general and constant feeling of happiness.

Some people get frustrated because they realize just how much chatter is happening in their brain. They get angry and frustrated that they can’t shut it up. But, that is just the point to sit there and acknowledge (and accept) the chatter going on in your mind. Eventually the chatter slows and down and even stops and it’s just you and your breath.

When you do this consistently, you begin to get to know yourself better. You get more in tune with your thoughts and notice when you are having ruminating thoughts that are harmful to you. Whereas before, your mind controlled you and your thoughts controlled your emotions without you even noticing it!

Practicing meditation consistently, you also become more compassionate and patient… and simply not bothered as easily by things that used to bother you before.

I know that this is easier to write than to do. You may be thinking “Sitting down for ten minutes when I have so much to do?! I don’t have time for that!” But, believe me, I have been meditating this way for several months now and I can honestly tell you my life and point of view has completely changed and the benefits far outweigh the ten minutes that you spend on “time out” with yourself. Take advantage of the time your baby is sleeping, watching cartoons, or playing with daddy and sneak over to a quiet place where you can meditate.

Through my personal experience meditating, I can tell you that I am a much calmer person now. I tend to not have as many negative thoughts enter my head throughout the day. I don’t stress out as badly when facing stressful or difficult situations anymore. I get along much better with my husband and my family (and believe that is quite a feat in itself!) I don’t get road-rage as intensely as before… and let me tell you it can be pretty difficult to be calm while driving on the expressway when you are behind someone going 45 (and the speed limit is 65!) Essentially, my worry and anxiety driven, personality Type A self is kept in check!

If you are new to meditation and want to learn how to get started make sure to get your Free Meditation for Super Moms Guide and Meditation Garden Newsletter to get started easily. Just fill out your name and email in the boxes below! Don’t worry, we hate spam too and will respect your privacy!

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Also, remember to check out The Big List of Free Guided Meditations which lists both audio and video guided meditations that are extremely easy to follow and beneficial in many, many ways. Go ahead and sign up for the My Meditation Garden Newsletter to receive reviews of new guided meditations each month!

Sonia Gallagher, JD, Integrated Executive and Life CoachThanks for visiting! Make sure to check out En Route! The No Fuss Road Map to Driving Your Life in a New Direction and our recommended Spiritual Resources and get a free binaural beats sample!

Meditation led me to my life path as an Integrated Executive Life Coach. I now help others gain more clarity on their passions, reach their goals, and overcome obstacles through my book and one on one telephone coaching. If you'd like to work with me, contact me at sonia@mymeditationgarden.com for more information.

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