Spirituality and Meditation
July 13, 2009 – 5:40 am | 20 Comments

Spirituality and Meditation

Spirituality and Meditation

I have been told that Spirituality cannot be explained it can only be experienced. In that sense, spirituality is quite different from religion since spirituality itself is a …

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How Can Meditation Help You in Your Daily Life?

Submitted by on September 16, 2009 – 6:53 am8 Comments

How Can Meditation Help You in Your Daily Life?

Benefits of Meditation in Daily Life

Benefits of Meditation in Daily Life

Are you a stressed out professional, parent, college student, or business owner? Are you a beginner to the concept and practice of meditation? Or, are you simply curious to learn more about meditating and the benefits it can have in your life?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then this article is perfect for you. It is written in plain English and an easy to understand manner and is meant for people like you. People that have extremely busy lives, are interested in having more peace of mind in their daily routine. But, do not have the time to be going around the internet trying to figure out what meditation is, how to get started, and make sense of all kinds of esoteric concepts that are described on many different websites online.

Learning how to meditate is something that many people want to do in order to help them cope with the feeling of stress and overwork. Stress in our lives makes us tired, unhappy, frustrated, impatient, and just downright miserable. It can cause us to be sick and experience other medical complications that we simply do not need to add to our already hectic daily schedule. Often people use the excuse that they have no time to meditate when in fact they do. Once you learn how to meditate, you can simply stop for ten or fifteen minutes to partake in a breathing meditation that will help you re-center yourself during your hectic day and allow you to focus on your tasks with a clearer mind.

Learning how to meditate also provides us with a more positive mind, teaching us how to take thoughts that are negative and sad to thoughts that are positive and happy. If you can

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learn how to meditate you can retrain your mind so that your thoughts even in stressful times are continually constructive and positive. Buddhist meditation is the perfect form of meditation to learn as there is little dogma taught in the practice to concern yourself with, making it the perfect meditation form to learn regardless of your own spiritual beliefs. Learning how to meditate turns your focus inside so you can heal your body, mind, and soul and enjoy a more profound existence.

When you learn how to meditate you are taking yourself to a higher level of awareness that you may not have realized existed. You can learn how to experience happiness in a way you have never known and all of the worries of daily life become easier to cope with. Decisions are made from a calm mind instead of one in turmoil, and you will find yourself enjoying the life you have been given instead of dreading waking up every morning to face the chaos that is in it.

Think about it. If you are a peaceful person through learning how to meditate, this peace will be transferred to everyone around you. How can people not be happy around someone who is? How can you not attract that raise you’ve been looking for? Or that perfect boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or lover you’ve been dreaming about? Or even that perfect and high-paying job you’ve been looking for this year (in the middle of a recession we need all the help we can get right? ).Makes sense, huh?

Learning how to meditate starts with learning the proper posture needed to achieve a deeper level of consciousness. You should always sit on a cushioned seat with a back that is slightly higher with your back straight and your pelvis inclined. You do not have to sit in the traditional cross legged position that we see Buddha sitting in when you first start out, especially if you are suffering from medical problems that prohibit it. However you should try to sit in a comfortable position close to the Buddha pose so that you feel closer to the meditation techniques used around the world. There are instruction manuals that go

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into this position further for you to reference.

Once you have found your comfortable position while learning how to meditate you can then start to work on your breathing. This will help you clear your mind as you imagine all of your cares and worries drifting away from you as if

it were black smoke on the wind. Allow you breathing to remain normal while doing this and start to imagine all the goodness

in the world and all of your blessings enter your body as you breathe in as a white smoke all the while exhaling the black smoke of negative thought. Bring that white smoke into your body and heart and feel yourself start to relax. You want to keep this visualization firmly in your head

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for at least twenty-one breathes or until your mind has become fully relaxed and in peace.

Once you have mastered the simple breathing meditation while learning how to meditate you can then take the clean canvas that is your mind, body and soul and start to work on other meditation techniques that will teach you how to become a more loving and kind person who is truly one with themselves and the world around them. Remember that patience is a virtue when you are first learning how to meditate and in time it will become easier to attain that state.

The easiest way to get started meditating is to follow a guided meditation video. I’ve posted the largest list of FREE guided meditation videos on the internet.

Enjoy them and make sure to let me know of any other guided meditations in audio or video format that you’d like to be considered and included in the list!

Sonia Gallagher, JD, Integrated Executive and Life CoachThanks for visiting! Make sure to check out En Route! The No Fuss Road Map to Driving Your Life in a New Direction and our recommended Spiritual Resources and get a free binaural beats sample!

Meditation led me to my life path as an Integrated Executive Life Coach. I now help others gain more clarity on their passions, reach their goals, and overcome obstacles through my book and one on one telephone coaching. If you'd like to work with me, contact me at sonia@mymeditationgarden.com for more information.

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  • CDainMiller says:

    Hey there,

    I loved your article, but I could use a bit of help if you don’t mind. I am sort of always in really really bad posture. Perhaps not terribly, but I seem to constantly be leaning forward and feel that I have a bit of a long neck (at least, I attribute it to that). That could be a good judgement on how bad it is tho if I think that, but regardless any tips for that?

    PS – Would you happen to ever take requests for Guest Posts? I do a blog that is somewhat similar to yours. ;)

  • It’s wonderful to hear you are feeling the benefits of practicing meditation already! I am very happy to hear from you and look forward to reading more about your meditation experiences on this site.

  • Chemist says:

    i started doing meditation since last month. One of my frd suggested me and now after a month doing it there are several changes in myself like i feel refreshing whole day, calm and cool with nature

    i watch videos on youtube on meditation and learn more from it, Thanx for the videos shared here :)

  • Thanks,
    I tried meditation myself and yes, I was surprised by its efficiency.
    Hypnosisstories´s last blog ..Stories about hypnosis My ComLuv Profile

  • Anthony,

    Being an attorney is an extremely important and noble profession which unfortunately has led many people to feeling burnout symptoms. Meditation can be an incredibly powerful tool to battle these symptoms, frustration, and even depression. I am glad to hear that Living Liberation meditation course and the guided meditation videos I have posted have helped you. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email if you have any questions or need support. I wish you the very best in your journey and look forward to hearing more from you at My Meditation Garden!

    Sonia Gallagher

  • Anthony S. says:

    Thank you for the free guided meditation videos. They have really been helpful. I am an “almost-retired” attorney and am suffering from some serious burn out symptoms. The meditation videos you have on this site have really helped and so has the Living Liberation Meditation Course in your product reviews. Thank you very much.

  • Mackeran says:

    I read a few topics. I respect your work and added blog to favorites.

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