Spirituality and Meditation
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Spirituality and Meditation

Spirituality and Meditation

I have been told that Spirituality cannot be explained it can only be experienced. In that sense, spirituality is quite different from religion since spirituality itself is a …

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The Six Most Powerful Meditation Techniques

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This article discusses powerful meditation techniques to increase your success and peace of mind. You can also find out of alternative ways in which you can increase your personal and professional success.

Six Most Powerful Meditation Types
By John Gunn

It is a bit daunting to try to confine meditation types in a particular number, as there are so many of them, however there are a few most common and most important that are worth mentioning here.

Meditation Techniques- Meditation Timer/Bells

Meditation Techniques- Meditation Timer/Bells

1. Mindfulness meditation
Mindfulness is simply a meditation way which allows you to become more aware of the here and the now, i.e. being in the now. You focus on what is going on around you at the time you are meditating, and you become aware of every thought and feeling that you have during the meditation process. The way to do this is by following your breat, then moving your full attention to your thoughts, the feelings you have in your body (e.g. tingling in your fingers, tickling of your nose, etc). What you must do is simply becoming an observer, without analyzing or judging.

2. Empty mind meditation
This type of meditation is called ‘awareness without an object’, which means being aware without focusing on something particular. You simply sit still, if possible in the lotus position and just let your mind wander on its own. Let it go silent. If you feel thought coming up, just simply acknowledge them, and let them evaporate, without judging them.

3. Watching your breath meditation
Maybe this is the easiest type of meditation, that a newbie can start out with, without becoming overwhelmed.

Sit in your favorite position, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breath normally, don’t force it, and focus on your breathing. Pay attention to how the air is going through your nose, down to your lungs, and then how the process is reversed.

4. The Om meditation
You can actually use here either the ‘om’ or simply concentrate on another specific mantra, like a positive reinforcement. Just keep repeating it while you meditate, if possible aound, or in your head if you’re not alone.

5. Concept meditation
This means you will meditate on an idea, a particular concept like the fleeting nature of life, or anything else, that is not very specific. You could contemplate on how a flower blooms and then it fades away, for example. Basically this technique bypasses your rational mind, and gives you a different type of understanding.

6. Walking meditation
Another very powerful and known meditation type. You can practice this type of meditation either in your own room, or outside on your patio, or garden. Just watch your body as it moves its different parts one at a time, or in tandem. Watch your legs and arms swinging by. Focus on these, and if you catch your mind wandering off, just gently bring it back to focusing on your walking. Do not judge, just simply allow it to happen and return to meditation.

There are many more meditation types, and if you want to read more about the others, you can find more on my meditation blog at http://meditationtypes.com/
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=John_Gunn

What meditation technique have you tried out? Do you practice it regularly? How has it affected you so far?

The above are very powerful meditation techniques to increase your success, you can also find out of alternative ways in which you can increase your personal and professional success.

Sonia Gallagher, JD, Integrated Executive and Life CoachThanks for visiting! Make sure to check out En Route! The No Fuss Road Map to Driving Your Life in a New Direction and our recommended Spiritual Resources and get a free binaural beats sample!

Meditation led me to my life path as an Integrated Executive Life Coach. I now help others gain more clarity on their passions, reach their goals, and overcome obstacles through my book and one on one telephone coaching. If you'd like to work with me, contact me at sonia@mymeditationgarden.com for more information.

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  • nazaruddin says:

    Very brief but concise explaination. Love it. As meditation is a practical things not theory, one should just do it & experience it. I have tried & even do it almost daily. As for techniques, sometimes when you apply one method leads to the other automatically.

  • Hi Sal,

    Yes, there are many types of meditation techniques. Though they may each have a specific difference in the way they are practiced, the essence behind each is the same; connecting you to yourself and to the divine. In terms of choosing a meditation technique to practice the key is in finding the one you feel most comfortable with. That way you will be more likely to continue practicing it! If you are new to meditation, you might even check out an online meditation class. You can read my review and listen to the creator of this specific class on our meditation podcast by clicking on the link in the previous sentence.

    I hope this information benefits you and wish you the very best in your journey Sal!

  • Sal Gimiano says:

    Good info. I had no idea there were so many types of meditation techniques available. It’s interesting to see how each one has its own spin on it and focuses on a specific thing and goal.

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