Spirituality and Meditation
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Spirituality and Meditation

Spirituality and Meditation

I have been told that Spirituality cannot be explained it can only be experienced. In that sense, spirituality is quite different from religion since spirituality itself is a …

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Are Yoga and Meditation the Same Thing?

Submitted by on May 31, 2009 – 6:33 am6 Comments

Are Yoga and Meditation the Same?

Relationship Between Yoga and Meditation

Relationship Between Yoga and Meditation

Relationship between Yoga and Meditation

Many people wonder if yoga and meditation are actually the same thing. Because yoga has become more and more popular with celebrities, it is now a much more popular sort of exercise in the United States. Because of its popularity, more and more people practice it regularly and incorrectly think that by doing yoga, they are actually meditating. These people are wrong.

Yoga and meditation have been used for relaxation and fitness by all sort of people from all walks of life. Both yoga and meditation can assist you to focus your mind where it should be, and help you channel your energies and achieve a state of relaxation so you are better able to deal with and overcome your fears and phobias. These two practices can also provide great relief from the suffering caused by anxiety and stress. Yoga and Meditation can, in fact, offer many solutions for stress-induced anxiety and tensions in daily life.

Difference Between Yoga and Meditation

Meditation is practiced both on its own and as a component of some other therapies, such as yoga, tai chi, and qi gong. However, there is a difference between traditional yoga meditation and the yoga we practice today. The current practice of yoga in the United States focuses on physical postures.  This is a very different type of yoga to that which was originally intended.

Unfortunately, individual parts have been cut out from the whole of traditional Yoga Meditation, given separate names, and then taught as unique systems of meditation. In essence, meditation is actually a key element of yoga meditation, but not necessarily of some of today’s popular yoga practices.

What is Yoga Meditation?

Yoga Meditation is the art and science of systematically observing, accepting, understanding, and training each of the levels of our being. The purpose of Yoga is to unite all aspects of the human being- body, mind and soul, to reach equilibrium in an effort to unite the individual with universal consciousness. Yoga meditation is the practice through which there is constant observation of the mind. It is a complete process unto itself, only a small, though useful part of which relates to the physical body. Hence, yoga meditation affects your mind and spirit.

Yoga Meditation and Religion

Yoga is the most diversified spiritual practice in the world. Yoga Meditation is not a religion, although some of the principles are contained within the various religions. Yoga can be practiced in many aspects of the everyday life and is a low impact exercise practice that can easily be performed by anyone interested in learning yoga and meditation to improve the quality of their life.

Benefits of Yoga Meditation and Yoga

Yoga helps us to be more aware of the body, which helps with the overall process of developing mindfulness. It also helps to promote a deeper awareness of the body and of its muscles and joints. It was indeed created to keep your spine flexible and your body healthy. Essentially, Yoga can help bring you inner peace when you are stressed out and can enhance your experience of life both physically and spiritually.

Do you practice yoga? Do you feel as if you are meditating when you practice yoga?

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  • James says:

    I would say that meditation is an important part of Yoga for me. As this is an ancient philosophy (if it is allowed to call it so) it includes some kind of meditation, whatever label you give it.

    For me it’s important to reduce Yoga not only to the body thing but also include ones mind because this will enhance the whole thing so much more.

    Great post by the way…
    James ´s last blog ..Obtaining relaxation through Yoga My ComLuv Profile

  • Brenda says:

    The ultimate goal of meditation is the expansion of the mind in which human consciousness awareness attains “union with God.” (Patanjali’s Yoga).

    The modern day exercise called Yoga has many different forms that may in fact deviate from its original intent.

    To access Source within requires inward movement of the mind. Therefore focusing on the body, as one is encouraged to do during some types of yoga, is counter productive.

    The benefits of meditation that I practice and teach far exceed those I experienced with yoga.

    It requires no specific posture, relaxes, de-stresses and energizes the body, can be used with eyes-open during stressful situations, and is the best method that I know for accessing Source within for the awesome peace and joy that exists in the stillness within.

  • Chemist says:

    a very good informative post. Yes many of us had confusion if Yoga and Meditation are the same or what is the difference between both.
    Very well explained. i do meditation on weekends early morning from last few weeks by learning through videos available on Youtube

  • Andrew,

    Yes, there is definitely a clear difference between yoga and meditation of which many people are unaware. I am glad the article served you well and motivated you to begin a meditation practice. Participating in the Living Liberation meditation course is a very good way to get started and establishing a long lasting meditation practice in your life. Good luck in your journey and I hope to hear from you again on this site and at the Meditation Garden Community on Facebook!

  • Andrew Robbins says:

    This is great. Thanks for informing of the difference between yoga and meditation. I’ve been doing yoga for a few months now and thought it was the same thing as meditation. I’ll check out the Living Liberation meditation course that you mention on the product reviews part of this site to get started meditating.

  • spiri2al.com says:

    Are yoga and meditation the same thing? | My Meditation Garden…

    With the widespread practice of yoga as an exercise, lots of people are wondering if they are actually meditating at the same time. Are meditation and yoga the same thing?…

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